Friday, December 17, 2010

Curtain Day

Last night we went to Del Frisco's with Serv Pro Management Team.
We had a blast and dinner was great.

Today was Curtain Day!!!! Don't they look lovely?
Thanks Pam and Bryan.

Her room is finished... all we need is PaisleyMarie

Just Perfect.

I also got to babysit Finleigh this morning.

What a doll

She loved playing with Pebbles

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Farrar Christmas

Papa and me, check out the belly it won't be there much longer

Landon, Brandon and Hagan watching the Steelers game

Shane and Jeremy, my brothers look so handsome

Look at all the Christmas presents we had to open!
Shane and Kez were so sweet they got Paisley a few gifts.

Landon is missing his two front teeth! That is suitable since it is CHRISTMAS

The boys with Grammy

Stormie is getting so beautiful not that she wasn't already
She made out well with jackets and perfume and more

There is my dad! He got cameras for the cabin

Papa got a robe with his name on it!

Mom finally got her tea pitcher and her toaster she has been talking about for two years

More gifts for papa

The boys asked for it, I promise!

See I was there! I got lots of PJs!!!!

Stormie and Molly

Keziah got a cool phone cover and an awesome hat.

Stormie and Me outside.... Look at that belly

Me and Hagan

Brandon and Jeremy

Jeremy, Mom and Brandon

Me and Mom

Mom and Dad

Me and Jeremy

Christmas was fun!!! Photobucket

Friday, December 3, 2010

Doctor Update!

Went to the Doctor today. Paisley weighs about 5 pounds 2 oz. My doctor seems to think that she will only be 6 or maybe 7 pounds. Lucky me! Sono went good. Her legs and arms were all tangled together... which makes since to why last night it hurt right there. She really beat me up kicking and hitting I think as hard as she possible could. I go to the doctor again next Weds.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well I have spent about 10 to 12 nights (3 hours or longer at a time) on my uniform order for next years inventory. Today I spent 8 hours on typing up the order and double checking everything. I hope I get everything I need for next year. I am exhausted wish I could take a nap but I am not a good nap taker so I guess I will try to work on house work or something.