Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our Saturday
(we went to Mckinney around 4)
Kensington loves Pebbles
Smith always has a smile
After a while of playing outside, it was dinner time. Brandon left to go get us something to eat. I made Kensington's plate and then I told Kensington okay wait don't eat yet we have to pray first. Immediately after I had said that Kensington put her head down, closed her eyes and put her hands in her lap. I prayed for her and then we both said amen.
Bath time
Pebbles loves Kensington too
Smith is always a piece of cake

We went to lunch with Pam, Bryan and Brooke. Mexican food is always a treat. I love my chip and dip.
Then I went to my parents to help my mom with uniform organization. Then we sat outside and soaked up the sun, which was nice because it was hot but the wind made everything perfect.
Dinner was wonderful and everyone had about 4 rolls each. (with tons of butter) Now we are watching the Mav's game. woo hoo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today was a nice day. Went to work and got a ton done. I have a full staff again. It is nice to have so many wonderful people working for me. I am blessed. I think that we did 20 things at work today. I have had a very busy week and the weekend is not going to be any slower. I had a wonderful chat with my mother tonight. This weekend Brandon and I get to go babysit Kensington and Smith. On Sunday Brandon and I are going to my parents for dinner! We are having something FRIED (yes we live in texas). I am excited about all the events in my life that are upcoming!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Brandon and I played PIG today after work (the basketball game). I won 3 out of 4 games! Yep that is right I am the winner and Brandon is the loser.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Mavs Game (last one of the season)

Half time entertainment.

Shower glass.
My mom and dad have been married 32 years.
What an amazing thing that is. Brandon and I went with my parents to Texas de Brazil.
It was awesome. Dad and Brandon ate way too much. What a meal though. The salad bar had over 50 different items. Oh and the meats... wow what I can say... is DELICIOUS.
Congrats mom and dad for 32 years of making it look easy. Love you both.
After dinner we went to the movies and saw date night. It was very funny. On a 1-10 I think I gave it an 8 cause I laughed the entire time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost Done

We got wallpaper and a frame!
What a difference

Don't you love it? I DO!!

The shower door comes in tomorrow and then we have a few small things to take care of but we are almost done!

Tomorrow Brandon and I are also going to the Mavs game with Sean and his friend Clay. Thanks Andrew and Shay we will enjoy those.

This Saturday we are going to Texas De Brazil with my Parents, Stormie, Jeremy and maybe his new friend Jennifer (I can't wait to meet her).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Customer Service is Important

Yesterday I told you that we had a bad experience at Marshalls in Grand Prairie. Let me tell you a little about what happened. My mother, Stormie and I were all trying clothing on in the dressing rooms. We came out of the dressing rooms to return our products that we did not want and there was three employees standing there. We had some clothing hung and some not. The associate then turned to us and said you have to hang up your own merchandise it says right there on that sign behind me. She said this hateful. I did not take this well at all. I said excuse me and she then repeated what she had said before and then she added if you don’t like it there is a number to call. I don’t think that this lady was very happy at my next comment I said isn’t that a reason you are in the dressing room to help hang the product up isn’t that what you get paid for? Then she walked off while one of the employees started helping us hang and was polite about it. Finally we get to the check out and my mother had asked for the manager. The manager came to the front and low and behold it was the same lady that was so rude in the dressing room. My mother then said how rude it was and how if that kept happening that they would not have any business and she wanted her name and the phone number to call someone hire up. The manager said okay this is what you need and then she said I had axed you (she meant asked you, I corrected her) to hang those items up for me please (I also corrected her about that) because that is our store policy. This lady was so rude in the dressing room and did not say please and when she came to the front she tried to be nicer but it seemed to be a front. Then I asked the lady well is it your store policy to be rude to your customers? Once again she did not like my comment. I probably should have kept my mouth shut to all everything however I could just not stand there and let her handle customers like that especially since I myself know how much the customer means to your business. My mom called me today and said don’t worry that sign has been taken down from the store and someone up the ladder of Marshalls is getting the situation handled!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I had a lovely afternoon with my mother and sister. They were out shopping and I met up with them. We went to Maurices and Marshalls... that took 4 hours. Stormie was starving the entire time. We got some good items though. We got really bad customer service at Marshalls from the manager. Afterwards we went back to my parent's house and my dad cooked some amazing burgers and dogs. Papa even came out to eat dinner with us. It was a treat going over to my parents for dinner because we have not gotten to do that in about a month due to everyone being busy. My mother even gave me some pretty plates with pictures of little kids on them to put in the baby's room... that is if we ever have one! Thanks mom.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saved the day

We got granite
My dog is pretty

Pebbles is smart too. She knows a lot of tricks.
Our Backyard
Next to our front door.
Backyard plants again
Our new flower bed

Thanks for the tree Bryan and Pam

Today I was coming home from ace hardware. I was a minute away from home when I looked over and saw this dog smelling the bushes. Since I am a dog owner I hate seeing a dog stray. Every time I do I always try my best to help the dog find its owner....
I pulled over  on the opposite side of the street and parked. There was a truck coming from down the street so I was waiting for the truck to go by before I called the dog. Well the dog saw me and started crossing the street right as the truck was passing us... it was a very very close call for the dog. She almost got hit by the truck going 40 mph.
Long story short the dog ran to me and I grabbed her and put her in the front seat of Brandon's truck. I called Brandon and told him I was on my way with a dog that I was trying to save so naturally he was waiting for me in the driveway. We put her in the backyard. She was only wearing a rabies tag so Brandon called the number on it and left a message saying we had found a dog and to call us back.
This all happend about 12 ish. Pebbles wasn't very happy about me bringing another dog home at first. They sniffed each other out and then they were fine with seeing each other but Pebbles still did not want her around. Finally around 2 I decided I would call her Lucky since she was. She was a very well trained and loved dog you could tell...

We finally got a call back at 4 saying that the dog was in the system and they would contact the owner so that they could come pick her up from our house. Right after Brandon hung up with the owner the dogs started playing together. It was like they both understood. Lucky probably thought oh thank god my owner is coming. Pebbles probably thought yes, she is not staying here. So this is what happend they started chasing each other around the yard and then Lucky jumped in the pool and then Pebbles followed. They played like this for about 20 minutes and then it was time for Lucky to go home because her owner rang the door bell.
Pebbles was sad after Lucky left and the funny thing is the dogs name turned out to be CASEY.