Saturday, October 23, 2010


Brandon sitting in Paisley's Room

Hagan and Landon

Pebbles was tired of watching sports so she took a nap

My friend Shea at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Shea and Me!


Friday, October 22, 2010

blah blah

I haven't blogged much lately. I have been very busy with work and well I guess resting. When I get home from work it is nice to lay on the couch. Here are some things that I haven't blogged about that you have missed:

  1. Paisley got the hiccups for the first time this week. They were every 3-5 seconds for 5 minutes.
  2. I have been getting a ton of heartburn again. (Tums and milk are the cure)
  3. I have been more thirsty.
  4. Ive gained a total of 13 pounds.
  5. I love watching Paisley move around in my tummy. It's my favorite part of being pregnant.
  6. I got a maternity pillow from my mom recently and it is amazing. I don't turn over in my sleep anymore when I use it.
  7. I have been laughing a lot more. For some reason Brandon is just funny to me these days (not sure why).
  8. It is getting harder to bend down.
  9. I sleep deeper now that I am pregnant.
  10. I haven't been moody or eating everything I see like people say happens.
  11. I got registered all the way at babiesrus and target.
  12. I have started my Christmas shopping.
  13. I have been getting everything more organized at my work for when Paisley comes. Employees trained, hiring new employees, product orders and office cleaned up.
  14. I look pregnant but don't feel pregnant (most of the time that is, sometimes I forget).
P.S. I can't wait to meet Paisley.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bed Arrived!

Last Saturday we went to Hagan's baseball game. Who would have known that Dayton was playing at the field next to them. We got to see both games and watch the 2 Farrar's.
Hagan at Bat
Dayton at Bat
The crib came in!!!
Look at my green chair, I bet I get good use out of it.
Now that is a 6 drawer dresser!
Paisley's Crib!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I started feeling sickly on Monday. It all started with a little sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes you know all the annoying things! So I started taking benadryl that night.
We started our classes Monday night for child preparation. Breastfeeding. It was a great class and the instructors were super cute and funny. Brandon looked at me 10 minutes into the class and said I don't know if I am mature enough for this. I kind of thought the same thing. Having a baby is going to change our lives forever. I am excited about it though.

My husband was sweet enough to buy me a humidifier Tuesday night on his way home, without me asking for it! The humidifier helped a lot with drying me out and letting me breathe during the night.

This morning I went to my ob for a check up. I saw Dr. Z today. She prescribed me some medicine and cough syrup. She also told me I needed to start sitting down more often and propping my legs in the air at least twice a day to circulate some blood. I stand too much at work.

I've only gained 13 pounds all together! That's not bad at all. When she told me that she kinda sounded concerned but then I remembered one time she had told me not to worry about how much I gain that she would say something if it was a big deal. That I haven't gained a ton because I was little before? I'm not sure about that but... she wasn't to worried about it because I haven't lost any weight recently.

I drew blood today and it is also time to go back to the lab for more blood work for a glucose testing.
I got a flu shot too. I don't think I have ever gotten one before or at least I don't remember getting one.

I got home today and took my medicine. I looked at the cough syrup and wanted to gag the only cough syrup I have ever liked in my life is that kind I got when I was a kid when I had an ear infection, you know they one that tasted like bubble gum!! Anyways, I started to pour the cough medicine and it was so thick. In my mind I was going great.... this is going to be just wonderful. So I decided fine I will be a big girl and just take it. I did and it wasn't bad at all there was no taste to it really so I guess it is the second best kind I have ever taken.

Now I am at home working.... I have to type up a detailed list over everything I know about my work and the proper way to do it! That way it will make it easy to train employees (I have to get some new ones, issues if you haven't heard) they are moving and quitting in the months ahead. Then I will give it to each and every employee I have and will have and everyone will know everything. That's the plan anyways, I know it doesn't always work out, but you have to be prepared especially being pregnant and having to step away from work... later on that is.