Monday, November 8, 2010


I am 31 weeks pregnant now. Only 9 weeks to go. Only 63 days. Only 3 holidays.
I will be going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. I can't believe that I am almost done.
I can't wait to see what Paisley looks like. My doctor seems to think that she will have hair because I have been having a ton of heart burn and acid reflux. She had to prescribe me medication today for it so I can sleep easier. So far nothing to complain about. I would do pregnancy again. Don't worry we are going to wait a long while before!! Paisley got the hiccups 4 times yesterday. What a funny feeling that is. It is very cute when it happens though. She still moves around all the time. She loves to sit in my ribs and loves to stretch out as far as she can.
On a different note.. we put the Christmas tree up yesterday. I know it is early but I had a lot of energy. Plus now we can enjoy it that much longer. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving! Turkey and Dressing and I have an excuse to eat however much I want.


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